Asus VE276Q 27″ LCD Monitor Review

Summary, Overall the ASUS VE276Q is a HUGE monitor for a great bargain. Although the panel’s technology may not be up to par for photographer professionals, it delivers for gaming and productivity. Not bad for only $300.

The Look

This thing is all about clean lines and size. There’s almost nothing that detracts you from seeing how massive it is, in fact just seeing 27″ on paper is really not the same thing as sitting in front of this beast. I just can’t help but think it should really be a TV on the wall. Anyway, buttons are located in a nice spot under the bottom right side, and are easy to press. After initial set up I haven’t messed with them much and just let the panel sleep when computer is locked or off.

The Performance

Performance of an LCD monitor is somewhat complex. Ratings and numbers often don’t mean actual real-world findings, so the better way to rate a monitor in my opinion is to evaluate it’s technology (TN, S-IPS, etc) and then see how it practically performs in given roles. First of all, this panel is Twisted Nematic (TN) which means compared to IPS it will have much better response time and much cheaper, but not as good color rendering. For a TN panel, the VE276Q does a great job with color and when calibrated can rival cheaper IPS panels. It’s real strength is in size (which equates to productivity) and response time (which is important for gaming). If you’re looking for a panel to game with and need something big, there’s really no other reason to look anywhere else. This guy has it all, and even at a $300 price tag (at time of writing this review).
Response time: 2ms

Although a better rating would be gray-to-gray response, these manufacturer response times really don’t mean a whole lot. What matters is the practicality on if you or anyone else can notice ghosting while gaming at a high FPS. From my experience this panel is one of the best large displays and I personally notice zero ghosting at any framerate.

Quick Specs:

  • Display Port Support – simultaneous connectivity
  • 27″ Wide (16:9) – 1920 x 1080
  • 2ms Response Time
  • HDMI, DVI-D, 15-Pin D-sub


Not much to say here, plugs are easy to access, monitor rotates fairly well. I’ve seen more adjustable monitors, but they are usually with custom mounts or at price points above $1000. In this range everything is as expected. When using HDMI as an input, you should be aware that it will transmit sound to some built in speakers. They work to hear something, but for watching a video or movie I would suggest some real speakers instead. Still for a youtube clip they are handy. Try backing the monitor up to a wall to get some good sound reflection, this way you’ll hear those tiny speakers a bit better.

Bottom Line

Overall I think this monitor is great as long as your requirements aren’t for an IPS panel for perfect color reproduction. If that’s the case start shopping at $1000+ in only medium sized monitors. For productivity (large screen!), gaming (amazing response time), and general theater media, this panel really delivers. At $300 how can you lose? Amazon is still the cheapest reputable company for this panel, but you can sometimes find them at local stores:

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