MIUI KHJMICH Download Install for Redmi 2/2A/Prime

Redmi 2 Stable Version (Global) V6.7.1.0.KHJMICH Download




  • Optimization – Pressing screen or virtual buttons in lockscreen will not extend screen awake time (08-06)
  • Fix – In some cases, lock screen clock did not show (06-23)
  • Fix – Sometimes, prevent misoperation panel appeared incorrectly (07-06)
  • Fix – Sometimes, pressing lockscreen notification did not lead to the corresponding app (07-08)
  • Fix – Lockscreen notifications could not display dynamic icons (07-13)

MIUI KHJMICH Download Install for Redmi 2/2A/Prime
MIUI KHJMICH Download Install for Redmi 2/2A/Prime

Unlike national high school exams last for freshmen fun college park “such short-Tay gang”, the day after the day of admission is itself difficult to find inns, suffer from being “tight guillotine “revaluation inn. Even, many freshmen took billed to “trigger” the inn.

Leaving home to Hanoi enrollment, freshmen Tuan Anh (born in Kim Son, Ninh Binh) has just admitted to the Academy of Finance felt hardship in finding a lodging, because nowhere as cramped motel room , expensive. Tuan Anh share: Today to school admissions procedures, the story revolves around you looking motel room where the star price only. She and some friends also agreed to seek lodging, stay together for cheap. Although targets are near schools, near bus stop, but when I was looking and saw the room where very high price. ”

“Ultimately, you and a friend rented a room more acceptable in the rail (hamlet Tru, underprivileged 2, Bac Liem). This place though quite noisy, crowded temporary market situation, complex security should motel room price “soft” than other areas. Saying that “soft” but actually also still expensive. Kids in two people, per month rent is 1.3 million, if more people in the home more then an additional 200,000. Accommodation ranges are about 10 rooms, each approximately 9m2 just wide. Baths, toilet common to all areas. In addition to the room rate, the landlord charged 80.000dong / person for water supply and electricity 4.000dong / number. If they have to pay VND 100,000 Internet users / people “, Tuan Anh share.

Newly admitted after admission wishes and aspirations additional 1 last, many freshmen from different rural areas of Hanoi admission procedures, preparation for lifelong learning at the University, has to dive music looking motel room. Unlike “pink dream” time to take the exam before, are the siblings of students relay season, lo place to eat, place to sleep, shuttle test. The freshmen only a handful (subject to domestic policies, poverty) is in the school’s dormitories, most have to find places to eat, place to sleep studies was served.

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