Nokia Lumia 925 Conclusion, Performance and Price

Nokia Lumia 925 - Now a days smartphone becomes one of the essential things which play an important role to our life. Of course, for today’s life, mobile phone is not only for calling and texting but also it is more than those traditional roles. Now, we use it also for doing many things, including for entertainment, working, and also studying. We also often use it as a way to do various great things by running various types of applications to support our activities.

So, it is not surprising that most people looking for the best smart phone. There are so many choices of best smart phones, and of course we need to get the Best Smartphone Reviews to know the features and also the performance of each of the best smart phones.

One of the popular smart phones right now is Nokia Lumia. That is including for the series of Nokia Lumia 925 which has the unique feature, design, and also performance. Of course, we will be really interested in knowing them by reading Nokia Lumia 925 Review.

Nokia Lumia 925

nokia lumia 925 conclusion

The Nokia Lumia 925 Design

Nokia Lumia 925 looks like similar to the other type or series of Nokia Lumia. However, of course each of them has the different characteristics. However, for this Nokia Lumia 925, it has its unique character, especially on its design. It has a very light design and also the slim design of the body. The use of aluminum as the body material becomes the reason. Of course, we can see its slim design and it becomes the slimmest one compare to other series of Nokia Lumia. Of course, the slim and light body makes users can easily handle it.

DisplayFor the display, it uses 4.5 inch super sensitive touch screen. It still uses AMOLED screen with the technology of Clear-Black. It creates the clean display and interface.

CAMERAFor people who are interested in cell phone photography, Nokia Lumia 925 also offers the good thing since it uses 8.7MP camera with Carl Zeiss lenses, while for the front camera, it uses 1.3 megapixels camera which is good to support the video call feature. There are some great features and technology apply to this smart phone as like what is said on Best Smartphone Reviews about Nokia Lumia 925.

Nokia Lumia 925 Performance

  • For the operating system, as like the other series, it uses Windows Phone 8.
  • In order to give a great performance, this smart phone uses dual core processor with the speed of 1.5GHz
  • For the users of Nokia Lumia 925, they can easily find various types of applications which can be useful, such like the application for capturing image as like a professional. That is simply good news for mobile phone photography lovers.

Nokia Lumia 925 Conclusion

Thus, from many Best Smartphone Reviewsabout this smart phone, that is a good phone not only for its design but also for the features as like the camera and also entertainment such like for music and radio feature which are still needed by many people. So, if you are looking for easy to handle smart phone with good feature, perhaps this smart phone can be a good deal.

Nokia Lumia 925 Price

From various online stores, list price for Nokia Lumia 925 is $899.99.

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