Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 Specifications and Price

The Galaxy Gear 1 Samsung smartwatch is the perfect example the first attempt by the multinational company to enter the smartwatch market is gradually being adopted as the next opportunity for growth.

In comparison to other smartwatches on the market, there is nothing that is quite like the Galaxy Gear 1 since it has a built-in camera, runs full-color display, and supports more than 70 third party applications. It is a brave attempt from Samsung to breathe new life into a market that is still growing, but will exceed or at least meet expectations? Let’s find out.

Review Samsung Galaxy Gear 1

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 Specs:

  • - 800MHz Exynos CPU
  • - 512MB RAM
  • - 4GB on-board storage
  • - 1.9MP camera
  • - 720p video recording
  • - 2 microphones & 1 speaker
  • - Samsung Apps
  • - Bluetooth 4.0 & LE
  • - 315mAh battery
  • - Safety assistance

Although the Galaxy Gear 1 Smartwatch from Samsung does not feel too heavy on the wrist even though it packs a 1.9MP camera. Since the Galaxy Gear 1 has a Super AMOLED 1.6-inch, 320 x 320 resolution screen so it is a bit on the large side.

It has a strong clasp, which ensures a snug fit, although over the course of the day it may feel a bit tight, which typical with most watches. It must be noted that the camera is inside the strap. The outside has the function / power key, which is the only button there. This can be tapped to turn the device on, while other tasks can be performed by double tapping or pressing it for a longer time.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 Interface

The Samsung Gear 1 smartwatch is supposed to be operated with fingers. It is pretty cool that the Gear 1 can be activated just by raising the smartwatch up to the eyeline. It is very easy to work out how to use the Galaxy Gear 1.

The fingers can be swiped left and right across the screen to control music, look at notifications, start S Voice, etc. The camera can be started by swiping down, and the dial pad be accessed to make calls by swiping up. The Galaxy Gear 1 is powered by an 800MHz processor, which does a good job of powering this smartwatch, even though it may not be up to par with the processors of modern smartphones. Of course, this should be understandable. The order of elements within this smartwatch can be shifted around by installing the Gear 1 Manager app with the Note 3 on first use.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 Calling & Messaging

At the moment, the Galaxy Gear 1 Samsung is a smartwatch that can outperform other smartwatches on the market. The main reason is because it is possible to read messages, and it has a microphone and a speaker. Despite the higher price, the Gear 1 truly is a functional smartwatch that can be used to make telephone call and read text messages. A cut down version of a phone-style contact profile by swiping down. Of course, the Gear 1 will have to be moved back and forth from the ear to the mouth and vice versa in order to converse with someone.

However, it is still convenient to have a functional smartphone strapped to the wrist. Since the Samsung Gear 1 smartwatch has a bright and clear screen, it is easy to read text messages.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 Camera

Another cool addition to the Galaxy Gear 1 Samsung smartwatch is the 1.9MP camera attached to its strap. It offers brilliant convenience, is a really unique feature, and works very quickly. If there is an image that needs to be captured in a couple of seconds, this smartwatch from Samsung is a great option for that.

The images captured might not have super high quality, but there are some impressive elements. For instance macro mode can be activated for really close up images, a 1:1 or 4:3 ratio can be chosen, and even Shot and Sound pictures can be captured. The Galaxy Gear 1 Smartwatch can be set to send the pictures that are captured automatically to the Note 3 or it can be set to manually, so that pictures can be transferred on command.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 Pros

- Built-in camera

- Easy & intuitive menus

- Functional & premium design

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 Cons

- Dependency on the Note

- Lack of apps

The Bottom Line

No doubt, the Galaxy Gear 1 Samsung smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 go hand in hand, but Samsung is offering a discount to those who buy both devices together. Overall, a trend is being set by the Galaxy Gear  1Samsung smartwatch. Samsung is making a statement and tell the world that it is ready to embrace this technology like it has never been. The Samsung Gear 1 smartwatch is a serious piece of technology worth considering.

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