Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1 Specifications and Price

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1 - Xiaomi, the fast-growing Chinese gadget maker in China is at it again. They have been all over the press lately because of their aggressive smartphone and power bank product launches. The word has also been going around stating that Xiaomi has prominent competitive gains against companies the larger companies in the world like Samsung. This time however, Xiaomi is taking on something completely different. It’s taking on a low-cost streaming device as well, which is pretty similar to that of Roku and Google’s Chromecast. This special item is non-other than Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1.

The Xiao Mi Box Mini 1 is a tiny one indeed. If you were to compare to the earlier version of the Mi Box, the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1 only measures a quarter of its size and it could even fit nicely in the palm of your hands. Do not be fooled by its size as this little device proves the modern day technology concept true as it packs a serious punch despite its tiny size.

Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1

Tearing It Down

This tiny new device which replaces the previous version of the Mi Box. The Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1comes packed with a quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU instead of the dual-core Cortex-A9 of its predecessor. The Cortex-A7 processor which is used by the Mi Box Mini 1 is a very energy-efficient applications processor. This processor is designed to provide a higher performance for high-end consumer applications. Apart from that, the Mi Box Mini 1 also has one special ability which cannot be matched by the previous version of the Mi Box and that is the capability to decode H.265 streams.

This power packed devices also packs the Mali-450 GPU from ARM compared to its first Mi Box device which is the Mali-400. What the Mali-450 graphics processor does is doubles the OpenGL ES 2.0 performance of the graphics products. The Mali-450 GPU also expands the range of performance points by supporting scalability of up to 8 cores, while also doubling vertex processing throughput. The Mali-450 MP takes those capabilities to new levels and, with additional architectural optimization, is designed to maximize reuse of the available resources during the graphics operation. This minimizes the power and bandwidth requirements of the Mali-450 MP GPU.

The Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1 also comes with the Bluetooth feature. Some of you might be asking, why should it come with a Bluetooth and just so you know, this little device has its own Bluetooth remote control unit. An additional bonus to this device is that it can control other Bluetooth devices that you would find around the house, such as speakers and other similar gadgets. This tiny box has a HDMI-out port and you are also provided with a cable that’s in its box to make use of it.

The Conclusion Xiaomi Mi Box Mini 1

All in all, this is a great device which has been released in the marketplace now and although it is not a 4K streamer compared to the first version which was released called the Xiaomi Mi Box, there is no way you would expect to get something with such features and benefits for the price you are paying for. If you are ever wondering about getting something like this, think no more as this tiny box which measures 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.5 inches in size will keep you satisfied. Look on the bright side, the Mi Box Mini 1 comes in all sorts of candy colours to suit the need of everyone’s tastse.

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