HTC ONE MAX Smartphone Review

If you are in the market for a reliable phone, then it is about time you look for the best smartphone reviews that can help you make an informed decision. The HTC One Max is loaded with impressive features and advanced technology to enhance your overall experience. Find out more about this brilliant smartphone as you read along this HTC One review and decide whether this mobile device is the perfect one for you.

HTC ONE MAX Smartphone Review

HTC ONE MAX Smartphone Review

Screen Size

At first glance, the HTC One Max may look and feel like a large smartphone with its 5.9-inch screen display, which is much bigger than the HTC One at 4.7 inches. Moreover, it weighs 218 grams and has a width of 3.2 inches, so you will immediately feel its heft upon picking it up.

However, the large screen is suitable for users who prefer a mobile device that is functional for a number of purposes. With its screen size, browsing the web is quite easier, and you will enjoy watching your favorite videos on your phone. Finally, the images no longer appear cramped, and this adds to your web browsing and viewing pleasure.

Security Features

The HTC One Max features a fingerprint scanner that offers a password-free means of unlocking your phone. This impressive component is located beneath the camera, and it protects your phone from theft. Hence, you can have the peace of mind that unauthorized individuals can never unlock or use the device.

Increased Functionality

On the Max, you will be able to customize specific fingers to perform certain tasks. For instance, you can use your index finger to bring up and show the home screen while your thumb can easily launch maps. What’s more, it is possible to save other people’s fingerprints when you want to.

It is also worth noting that the HTC One Max is the first mobile device with Sense 5.5, which is the latest version of the manufacturer’s Android skin. This component boasts of a wide range of features such as the BlinkFeed (quite like the Flipboard) and auto-generated slideshows of events presented in a video form. The Sense 5.5 also comes with more gesture support, which offers users the convenience of flipping through several screens with one finger.

Ample Storage

The HTC has partnered with Dropbox, and this translates to free cloud storage for your files. However, there is something much better about the HTC One Max as it provides users with 50GB of storage in Google Drive. In addition, the Max offers 32GB of internal memory, so you have sufficient storage space for your photos, videos, and other files. The device also comes with a port for the microSD card, which gives you several options for storing your media files without slowing down your phone.

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The Verdict Overall, the HTC One Max is an ingenious mobile device that offers the best of both worlds as it can serve as a tablet and phone at the same time. With its large screen, 1080p resolution, ample storage, and stunning exterior, you can never go wrong with the Max.

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