Review of Nokia Lumia 928

All people for sure, want to find the best smart phone which will support all of our activities.

Nowadays, smart phone becomes a need for almost all people. The functions of smart phones become a good deal for us to meet the need of anything, including for working, studying, and even entertainment.

To meet those things, we have to be able finding the best ones. Since there are so many kinds of smart phones which can be the options nowadays, we have to be careful.

Review of Nokia Lumia 928

Review of Nokia Lumia 928

We can go finding the Best Smartphone Reviews first. That will be completely helpful on getting an overview for each of the features of the best smart phone choices, such like for Nokia Lumia 928. That is one of the best rated smart phones which can be the options of our choice.

Many people are talking about it, but actually, we have to be still careful and know the features and technology first by reading and getting Nokia Lumia 928 review which will be good to know before making a decision.

This series of Nokia Lumia is a good deal since many people are also waiting for the new generation from Nokia. First of all, the first thing we need to know from Best Smartphone Reviewsis about the features, which is also for the review of this Nokia phone.

Nokia Lumia 928 still uses Windows Phone operating system. Sure, it uses Windows Phone 8 as the operating system.

The processor which is applied to this phone is dual core with the speed of 1.5GHz. It is also used 1GB of RAM.

One of the advantages of this phone is about the battery. This phone is using 2000 mAh battery which enables the phone o be used extra longer. It will be completely useful since we often get problems on the power of smart phone.

For the design of this phone, it is quite interesting. It uses AMOLED for its screen and it is also using the Gorilla Glass – 2 as the way to give a good durability of the screen. The size of the screen is quite large, about 4.5 inches with the screen resolution of 1280×768 pixels. That is the proper size for a smart phone since it will be still easy to be handled by one hand.

The camera which is used for this smart phone is a bit amazing. It uses 8MP camera with Carl Zeis lens. In addition, for the front camera, which is commonly used for video calling, it uses 1.2MP camera.

The music and radio features also can be enjoyed. This phone also uses the high performance speaker. For people who also notice about its body design, Nokia Lumia 928 has the sleek style which looks elegant and also bold. It is suitable for people who want to look bold and elegant.

t becomes one of the best smart phones and we can easily find the review from Best Smartphone Reviews. We also can use the Nokia Lumia 928 review to compare this phone to other best smart phones that can be a good option for us.

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