Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review and Full Specification

The Galaxy Note 3 is perhaps the most innovative Android smartphone from Samsung till date. It features a full HD touchscreen, innovative S Pen, long lasting battery, and is packed with tools that will make your life easier.

If you want to stay in touch with your contacts at all times, you can even pair the Note 3 with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch as well.

In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Note 3 is arguably a much better and interesting alternative.

Not sure if this Samsung Android smartphone is for you, all you need to do is read some of the best Samsung Note 3 reviews out there, such as this one, in order to make an informed decision.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review and Full Specification

Samsung Note 3 Spec (s):

- 2.3 GHz Quad Core processor
- 32GB on board memory
- Standard 3200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
- 13MP Rear Facing Camera
- 2MP Full HD Recording Front Facing Camera
- Full HD (1080p) video
- Bluetooth 4.0
- Dimensions: 5.95 inches x 3.12 inches x 0.33 inches
- Weight: 5.93 oz

The Design

Unlike the Note 2 and the S4, the Note 3 has a larger Super AMOLED full HD, 1080 x 1920, 5.7 inches display. Considering the hefty price Samsung is asking for this smartphone, it is quite impressive.

The Note 3 may not have a full metal chassis like the HTC One or the iPhone 5, but there is something different about it. It has a more premium look and a rigid body because of the metal frame that runs around its edge.

However, something new that Samsung has tried is that rear appears to be made of leather, although it is actually the famous textured plastic Samsung tends to be quite fond of. Along with the leathery appearance, this provides good grip too. At the front, a pleasant slender bezel runs down both sides of the display. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy 3 Note is offering up quite a lot in terms of design.

The Interface

The Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung has the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on board, which is the latest version of the mobile operating system by Google, and to top it off, it also has a TouchWiz overlay. Currently, the Note 3 is among the rare non-Google branded smartphones with this latest installment of Jelly Bean.

Under the hood, the Note 3 is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and it has a 3GB of RAM, both of which allow this smartphone to perform exceptionally and smoothly. As a result, many tasks become seamless. For instance, the performance of the smartphone would not be affected to any extent even if ten different applications were fizzling around in there.

The lockscreen is surrounded by a couple of options and you can find these in the Settings menu, in the Device’ section. As can be expected from a Samsung device, the Note 3 has a bright and colorful display.

Fans of quick settings will be delighted since all quick settings available can be seen by hitting the button on the notification panel, in the top right. Applications can be closed by swiping across their particular thumbnail, while the bottom toolbar also has a close all button.

This smartphone may not seem idea for one hand use due to its size, but there is also a One-handed’ operation option under Controls’ in the main settings menu.

The S Pen

In terms of design, the bottom right of the Samsung Galaxy 3 Note has a dedicated slot where the S Pen can be hidden. The S Pen may look like any other ordinary, simple stylus pen out there, but it should not be mistaken for one.

Sliding the S Pen causes out causes the device to play a little sound and vibrate. The S Pen has a metal top while the rest of it is in plastic. The S Pen glides across the screen a lot easier, and the Note 3 responds to it quite excellently. The physical experience of dragging the tip of the S Pen over the glass display of the Note 3 is as good as writing on a piece of paper.

The Camera

The Galaxy Note 3 by Samsung features a powerful 13MP rear facing camera, though its features are the same as those of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and it also has a 2MP front facing camera. A scroll wheel of options can be brought up by hitting the mode button on the right.

Just below the rear facing camera lens is a single LED flash that can be helpful in lower light, while closer shots can be captured by making use of the 4x digital zoom.

It also features very quick auto-focus and shutter speed, as a result of which a succession of photos can be taken without waiting in between snaps. Some very nice photos can be captured with the Note 3 because it has a large sensor, with a 4128 x 3096 maximum resolution. The rear facing camera on Samsung’s Note 3 is sure to impress.

Add A Smart Companion

As mentioned, the Note 3 can be paired with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which serves as a companion device and is meant to be worn like a watch around the wrist.

It provides a powerful and stylish way to see important notifications by communicating with the Note 3. Incoming phone calls on the Note 3 can also be accepted through the Galaxy Gear, while it also has a camera of its own to capture photos and shoot videos.

The Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy 3 Note has an impressive battery life. Various power saving capabilities are provided by the Snapdragon 800 processor. An example of this would be the fact that merely less than 10% of battery will be consumed after an hour of music playback, a 20 minute session of playing a game, and accessing emails and/or visiting social media sites for a short while.


- 4G
- Great battery
- Fast & smooth
- Full HD display
- Plenty of stylus functionality
- Expandable memory


- Tricky to hold

The Bottom Line

The Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung is a juggernaut of a smartphone, not only in terms of size but in terms of functionality and all the other features discussed above. Simply based on this, it is definitely worth checking out, considering how so many specs have been ramped up.

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